Business Functions

  • CISO Consulting services – Cyber SME consulting

  • Cyber Security-Information Workforce education, training and awareness development

  • Provide manufacturing medical, surgical, ophthalmic, and veterinary instruments and apparatus (except electrotherapeutic, electromedical and irradiation apparatus).

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment development, threat assessment

  • Cyber Security Asset management and data classification

  • Cyber Security Engineering, Enterprise CIA layered defense cyber-policy, planning and framework development

  • Cyber security workforce management

  • Cyber and physical security management consulting


A message from the President

At any given time, there are billions of devices connected to the internet, resulting in the world's largest population of netizens. Digital citizens from around the world form relationships in various virtual communities for various reasons. Each digital relationship, personal or business, requires a level of trust to complete the transaction.

Advances in technology and the ongoing growth of the internet has made it possible for everyday citizens to conduct most of their daily activities online. People actively engage online activities such as reading the newspaper, dating, banking, shopping, education, and even working from home. The increased use of the internet as also resulted in an increased threat to cybersecurity. It is imperative that cybersecurity leaders continue to grow and evolve with the expansion of technology. Cybersecurity leaders must stay one step ahead of the evolving threats that face their organization's people, process, and technology.

DH Cyber Securitya Solutions, LLC.

The state of cybersecurity is volatile, uncertain, and complex. Program Cyber Security Management requires continuous teamwork across function areas, which include internal and external actors for continuous risk analysis on information, systems, applications, and people for the organization risk management program.


DH Cyber Security Solutions specializes in providing subject matter expertise and cybersecurity consulting services in the following areas: products & sales, Virtual CISO consulting services, Information security management practices, policy development, auditing, assessment, cybersecurity education, professional and management development training, cybersecurity, and program development and management. We provide products and services to the healthcare industry, including manufacturing medical, surgical, ophthalmic, and veterinary instruments, apparatus, surgical appliance, and supplies manufacturing. DH Cyber Security Solutions is a 100% service disabled veteran-owned small business.

DH Cyber Security Solutions, LLC Mission

DH- Cyber Security Solutions provides products and services to hospitals, government, private, corporate, businesses and academic institutions. Our goal is to help develop policy and programs to enable secure information and information systems to help organizations meet their business goals and objectives. We accomplish this by using information systems to develop and implement technical, administrative, and physical controls to ensure the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of the information and information systems. It is our mission to establish strategic alliances with hospitals, government agencies, and commercial agencies and offer products and services that meet and exceed their business needs with superior quality and service.